Digital City of Bern: Supporting the digital transformation



Guiding the City of Bern through its digital transformation

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A city administration wants to transform digitally. To do so, it needs a radical culture change.

Digitalization affects not only the private sector, but also the public sector. The population and the economy expect their administration to provide modern solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The digital city of Bern has asked us for support in transforming its administration. The interaction between the administration, the population and the economy is to be improved. More efficient processes are to create more time and space for personal encounters.

For this to succeed, a work culture is needed that is characterized by a willingness to learn by taking personal responsibility. Employees have to be empowered and motivated for digital processes and agile forms of collaboration.


Change succeeds when managers lead the way as coaches. We have developed a concept that enables and inspires employees.

With “Train the Trainer” as the motto, Artsnext has developed a detailed framework for the managers of the city administration. This set out a common approach as well as concrete principles and engagement formats. The concept, titled “Change & Empowerment,” helps managers empower their employees for digital transformation and inspire them in the long term.

The focus was on co-creation: Development took place in close collaboration with several committees along all hierarchies and departments. We conducted interviews and one-on-one discussions, facilitated workshops, and continuously integrated critical feedback and suggestions. The developed content was regularly tested and adapted.


The understanding of and motivation for digital transformation have increased, as well as the way in which digital processes are handled.

The City Administration of Bern is equipped for the digital transformation. Managers can accept their role as coaches and live it in everyday life. The groundwork has now been laid to inspire employees to embrace the transformation.

Over a long-term period of 4 years, the framework concept creates orientation and understanding for the change and ensures a high level of satisfaction in a more modern and efficient working environment.

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