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Young people need support when it comes to resilience and agility.

Today, teens face particularly big challenges, whether in their personal lives, at school, or when entering the workforce. Every day they have to perform and make far-reaching decisions for their lives. Added to this are the challenges posed by digital media, which harbor not only opportunities but also risks. In some cases, potential mentors are themselves overwhelmed by the new, fast-paced dynamics in the workplace.

We proposed this relevant topic to our partner Huawei Switzerland, the Swiss subsidiary of an internationally successful technology group. In addressing the issues of “dealing with digitalization and resilience in uncertain times for young people”, Huawei has been able to take a pioneering role in this socially important area. And thus practice state-of-the-art CSR management.


Together with our client, we developed a program that prepares young people for the transition to a connected and digital world.

We worked with Huawei to develop the Resigility program, which consists of two focus areas: resilience and agility. It is a transformational program that prepares students and young professionals as they transition into the digitally connected world.

At the same time, the program helps young people create awareness for mental health and build their own resilience, for example through a variety of digital exercises under the motto “Mind Hack Challenge.”

Additionally, the young people were made aware of topics such as safe surfing on the net, the risks of social media, and data protection. This was done, for example, in the form of “Digital Ninja Camps,” i.e., all-day workshops in classrooms.


The formats had an educational quality and were very well received by young people, students as well as vocational trainers and teachers.

The didactic quality of the formats as well as an independent evaluation was ensured by working closely with the FHNW School of Education.

Young people, who are our target audience, responded well to the formats. Over 95% of our target group were satisfied with the developed formats.

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