Liechtenstein Marketing: Collaboration following Covid-19 pandemic



Modern team development – on site and via app

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Back from home office, Corona, and a new senior Management – a team is facing a challenging transition from the traditional work environment to “New Normal”.

Our client is a marketing department for tourism and business development, where there was a change in top management – all this during times of Corona and home office. We had a team facing new challenges – at times even without leadership.

Our task was to support the team of Liechtenstein Marketing to move from a mindset of a traditional working environment with clear hierarchies to a more modern and agile “New Normal”. And thus to provide the employees with effective tools to prepare themselves for the return from home office to a new work culture.


Artsnext designed a team development and self-empowerment program that complemented analog workshops with digital exercises.

At the heart of the program was our self-learning app, VUC^it*, which promotes a resilient approach to uncertainty. Over 12 months, leaders were trained with VUC^it along four modules: Resilience, Agile Collaboration, Self Leadership and New Work. To accompany this, we facilitated interactive on-site workshops and developed reflection formats that managers could conduct with their employees. True to our motto: “Train the Trainer”.


The program runs over a long-term period and enjoys a high level of acceptance among employees.

The team development and empowerment program is currently running for 9-12 months. The high completion rate of 90% across all VUC^it exercises is a testament to the high level of employee engagement.

In addition to the guided exercises, employees can provide evaluations and critical feedback, contributing to the continuous improvement of our digital offerings.

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