Lionstep: Fostering a sense of belonging through the establishment of a common corporate culture


Strengthening the sense of belonging by creating a common corporate culture

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Fast-growing and globally active start-ups like our client are under pressure to establish a common company culture.

The company Lionstep is pursuing ambitious growth plans: it wants to be the global leader in digital talent search. In the last few years alone, the number of employees has more than tripled from 40 to around 150. As a remote-first company, Lionstep mainly employs young people from Switzerland, Germany and Eastern Europe.

At the same time, rapid growth brings challenges: there is often a lack of common values which the employees can identify with. And since they hardly get to know each other due to the remote situation, it is difficult for them to establish an effective communication and feedback culture.


We support our client in developing a holistic learning and development programme that addresses employees at all levels.

In order for employees to identify with the company and stay motivated, a coordinated and systematic investment in the company’s culture is needed. We have developed a programme covering the following 3 levels: 

  • Culture development: employees engage in the identification and development of company values. This helps to find a common language and identify with the company values and vision.
  • Leadership development: We inspire managers to get more aware of their leadership challenges, and how to transition from managing to coaching their employees in order to best support their development.
  • Learning & Development: Employees at all levels develop and train their hard and soft skills in order to master the professional and personal challenges in everyday life.


The result is a one-year programme that strengthens the sense of belonging and links employees across countries and departments.

To kick off the program, all 150 employees took part in a team event in Zurich. Personal values were identified (bottom-up) and merged into shared company values.

This event in June 2022 sustainably strengthened the sense of belonging in the whole company. In order to identify and anchor Lionstep’s values, we held several workshops – both with managers and with all employees. 

Since autumn 2022, a hybrid self-learning programme for all employees has been running, in which transformative skills – such as living and embodying the new company values, self-leadership and more – are trained. The programme consists of physical workshops on site and digital challenges via our VUC^it app. Further topics for the self-learning programme arise from the regular analysis of challenges within the company.

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