Zurich Tourism: Positioning the city as a location for art and culture



Positioning a major Swiss city as a global center for art and culture

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A major Swiss city is underrated as an art and culture location because of a lack of consistent communication.

Our client is the destination marketing department of the city & region of Zurich, which is held in low regard as an arts and culture location. This is despite the fact that the city has an outstandingly extensive and diverse offering compared to metropolises from all over the world.

Instead of the cultural aspect, the challenge lies in the area of communication: Up to now, the individual players have promoted their events independently, and marketing campaigns have targeted a general audience. There was a lack of consistent communication – and thus visibility in Switzerland as well as abroad.


Development and positioning of an attractive brand with internal and external appeal.

As an innovation agency, we support the city in positioning itself visibly and confidently as a location for art and culture. With an attractive brand that leads the way for all future communication measures.

The brand should not only attract tourists from all over the world, but also generate internal appeal. All players should share the same vision – from young creative talent to established cultural institutions.

In developing the brand and its positioning, we work closely with the local art scene as well as with international experts.


Clear positioning of the city, including a multi-year marketing program with various flagship projects.

We developed a strong positioning based on the city’s existing DNA and values. This also resulted in a concrete program proposal with various high-impact projects that can be implemented over the next 4 years in cooperation with experts.

To ensure that the new positioning is lived on a daily basis, the brand will be carefully curated in the future. This will be done in a centrally moderated and co-creative process between the marketing department of the city of Zurich, the players of its art and culture scene and Artsnext as innovation agency.

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