Hybrid working: 6 work hacks for leaders

Florian Haussmann


Hybrid working: 6 work hacks for the leaders of today, tomorrow and beyond.

While the new possibilities that hybrid working creates offer more freedom and more flexibility, they also create confusion and become overwhelming for employees and managers. It’s time to reassemble the dusty office furniture into a new construct: Office today, remote tomorrow, and where the day after? Summer in Zurich, winter in Tulum: hybrid working is and will become the new reality in our everyday working lives.  As a result, many corporate structures that are still in place are being put to the test. We reveal six simple but effective work hacks that are guaranteed to make (work) life easier.

A curse or a blessing?

We agree: collaborating in a hybrid environment is challenging. Especially when individual team members meet only irregularly or not at all in person, it is more difficult as an organization to maintain connectedness in teams. What does this mean for the leaders of today and tomorrow? Leadership at a distance requires leadership at eye level. Clear decisions that create a safe framework instead of control from above. Trusting individual team members and recognizing and nurturing their individual superpowers is needed now more than ever. But this sounds easier than it actually is. Changing habits and discarding the tried and true can cause anxiety and insecurity.

Being the one in charge often gives you the feeling that you are not allowed to make any mistakes and that you have to hold back your emotions. We are convinced that this is exactly what is needed. That’s why we’re challenging you with six workhacks to make you and your leadership styles fit for the new hybrid working world.

Challenge accepted?

Hack #1: More SUPERPOWER

You don’t have to know everything to be a good leader. Exemplary bosses act as coaches rather than experts. They ask more questions than just talking. Because they know that the expertise lies within the team.  Therefore… begin exploring the superpower in your teams – ideally during your next stand-up.

Hack #2: More REFLEXION 

Constant change is here to stay. In order to react agilely and flexibly to ever-changing environmental conditions, employees need role models in their personal development.  Only what is authentic can have an effect on the outside. Therefore, the topic of self-reflection concerns everyone.

You will remain a good leader if you expand your existing talents with new competencies. Set a recurring meeting in your calendar – just with you and the following three questions:

  • What do I value in life?
  • How do I deal with change?
  • What do I value in my leadership role?

Hack #3: More EMOTIONS

Emotions in the workplace are often mistakenly perceived as unprofessional. On the contrary, emotions create accessibility to the other person and they connect people with each other. Especially in a hybrid work environment, where personal contact is not always a given, a strong connection within the team is more important than ever.

Those who give space to their own emotions will also be better able to read and understand the emotions of others. Therefore… start with the emotion, and formulate your next task according to the following structure:

  • My need is to…
  • My goal is to…
  • Thank you for making it happen!

Hack #4: More TRUST

People often believe that tasks completed better and faster if they do it themselves. However, leadership skills consist primarily of passing on tasks in a more meaningful way.  Empowering others means to show confidence in each other’s abilities. The more you do it, the better it gets – on all sides.

Because good bosses are not afraid to delegate tasks. So ask yourself: What could you never trust somebody else to do? And do exactly that, do it tomorrow!


The pandemic has shown us that remote-work works. However, depending on the type of work, it may be more or less effective. New aspects such as self-organization and self-care need to be considered when setting tasks.

One thing is clear: Good leaders can also lead through screens. To do this, consider which tasks are more or less compatible for remote work. What is the best way to implement these tasks in a hybrid fashion?


Boundaries between the professional office world and the private work desk are blurring; at best, they benefit each other. Managers should be aware of what’s on their employees’ minds. This is the only way to create a safe space for vulnerabilities and utilize their impact within the team.

Good leaders are aware that work-life integration is an ongoing issue. Share the last photo you took from your private smartphone. This helps creating space for the personal.

“All big things come from small beginnings.”

Every work hack is a small beginning on the way to your own greatness – and to more humanity in the working world. Humanity must be taken into account at all levels. And the time to act is now. This requires consciousness, openness, adaptability and self-leadership.

We wish you much success in “hacking” and growing!

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